consultoria-coworcCommunicational Diagnosis

Whether you like it or not, your company communicates things. Our mission is help you take control of the story and put it at the service of your business. To make a diagnosis is to rebuild the communicational story of your organization and to define what to say to the target audiences: prospect and current clients, shareholders and opinion shapers. A matter of insight and discovery. In general, a nice surprise. As a result, your need can be a specific project or a long-term job.

Designing a Strategy

The diagnostic study shows what it is convenient to say. How to do it requires planning, considering that today's information consumers are demanding and disperse people. Like a tsunami, the Internet swept away the traditional media ecosystem. Over the remains of old writings emerges a community of micro-audiences, blogs and freelancers. In this guerrilla war, the weakest link is distribution. In the era of sharing, communicating is facilitating the publication, and nothing is more powerful than telling a good story. And your company has one. The strategy defines the timelines, the goals and the set of concrete tasks to fulfill them.

Media Training

The journalist will want to hear the protagonist, the main source. You have to be ready. The aim of the training is to simulate the dynamics of a journalistic interview. Be ready to reply to objections and to stay within the boundaries of a pre-elaborated script.