Content Marketing

In Coworc, we make the blog the heart of a strategy for marketing content. It is a space that centralizes multimedia production; it lets you keep total control over the digital assets (own domain) and makes the tools for sharing easily available for users. We use the WordPress platform for its flexibility and the extensive community that supports it. We can join the project of an existing blog or we can design one from scratch. The latter involves, among other things, hosting for all apps, design and look and feel of the blog, category structuring and SEO-friendly tags, definition of key words, topic boundary, etc.

coworc-mkt-contenidosSocial Media Management
With the content produced for the blog, much of the community management task is under way. In Coworc, we use social networks to distribute that content and to maximize engagement with users. We develop a series of processes that combine creative and personal management (greetings, welcome phrases, inquiries) with programmable actions (tweets and social packs).

The distribution of content by e-mail is a powerful tool, more current than ever. It is the best way to “push” information. To a great extent, the e-mail is the ID of digital users. In addition to the quantity of the content, the key in a newsletter is its regularity and frequency. In Coworc, we use the MailChimp platform, because we love it, since —as we say— is the Ferrari of e-mail marketing solutions.

Success Case of B2B
We know that the implementation of a B2B (Business-to-Business) project is an intense process, with a lot of back and forth. The challenge is to find a synthetic way to tell the tale in four or five paragraphs. The success case is a genre in itself, with an introduction (the problem or need), a body (choosing a provider) and an ending (meeting the need). An added problem —due to the effort in management it entails— is that, when putting together a successful case, the client of our client inevitably intervenes. Given that it is their brand which, in a certain way, is brought into play, they inevitably ask for an active participation in the final result.

E-books and Whitepapers
We write and design tailored editorial products. Pieces of various lengths created to explain your business, your service or the functionality of your products. In general, they are used to spot users interested in a specific topic or to offer them valuable content in compensation for their contact information.

Video and TV
In Coworc, we work with a team of professionals with vast experience in the television industry. We take care of the overall production related to covering events, setting up video interviews, filming institutional videos and tutorials (how to, instructive videos, etc.), and working on computer animation and 3D computer graphics.

All the services described in this section include tracking and analysis tools. These tools allow us to determine the global click volume, openings, downloads and, when appropriate, other set of statistical indexes like reading time, geographical location, device, browser or e-mail client used, etc.