PR and Press

coworc-prensaMedia Map
In Coworc, we believe that one of the goals to work towards –when it comes to press strategy– is spreading the message. However, the most important aim is to associate our client's brand with the legitimacy and neutrality of prestigious mass media. That is why in Coworc we design our campaigns based on a thorough understanding of the media ecosystem of each market; we identify the editorial approach of each team of editors and journalists and pre-elaborate the content so that it matches their interests.

Press Release Writing
In Coworc, we deal with the difficult and underestimated art of writing good press releases. They have to be concise and catchy pieces, maintaining the standards of the genre: the title with the editorial approach, the subhead, the date and place, the biographical synopsis of the sender and information, lots of information. The reality constructed by numbers simplifies the journalist's job. The press release is a high-impact tool designed for simultaneous mass distribution. It is the opposite of an exclusive. Another key aspect of a press release is the multimedia content: photographs, videos, graphics and infographics.

Delivery and Follow-up
Coworc has what it takes to create a newsletter that will make it to the publication: the best community of journalists specialized in business in Latin America. After sending the material, we call the receiver to confirm receipt and to add contextual information. It is also an opportunity to propose our client as a source of consultation on the matter.

Interview Coordination
The interview is one of the richest genres in journalism and, for a company, it is the best opportunity to convey the complexity of their business. In Coworc, we encourage face-to-face meetings of our clients with journalists, because the experience turns out to be more rewarding than the phone or e-mail interview.

Organization of Meetings with Journalists
In Coworc, we believe that face-to-face meeting (breakfast, lunch, press conference) is the best time for our clients to transmit who they are and what they do. Also, for the journalist to understand the specificity of our client’s business. For every good writer, the direct relationship with an expert source and their colleagues, which contributes to enrich points of view, is one the biggest pleasures of our job.