coworc-researchCoworc conducts market researches on businesses associated to Movilion and CCSur, two of the digital media edited and distributed by Coworc in Latin America.

These are documents drawn up at a particular client's request, exclusively for that client.

The aim of the investigation related to customer care centers was to determine the turn given by the outsourcing business of these services in the region, its main players and the market share corresponding to each of them.

It also studied the type of technology used in each platform and included an evaluation of the needs of incorporating new technology.

The study "Estrategias de Billeteras Móviles en América Latina" (Strategies of Mobile Wallets in Latin America) aimed to identify the main players of the new ecosystem in the region (banks, credit cards, celcos, retailers, payment networks, etc.) and to make a detailed description of the business models adopted by each of them.

Also, to determine the key elements that lead mobile payment users to adopt this kind of services.