Why Coworc

coworc prueba3We believe that communication is a relationship that is built. Our mission is to provide the client with an independent viewpoint on how to show what they do.

In Coworc, we specialize in B2B (Business-to-Business) communication between technology companies in Latin America. We know the challenges and the trends of the IT (Information Technology) world.

We understand the major changes that the Internet triggered in the media ecosystem of the region. The digital environment provided organizations with tools to create a direct connection with their audience: shareholders, prospect and current clients and a diverse community of opinion shapers.

Our job is to manage those new instruments with a systemic criterion in order to create a fluent and original dialogue. We put communication in line with business goals.

In Coworc, we make the important questions: What kind of help do you need: a piece of strategic advice or a person to help you with the implementation of the project too? Do you want to promote the product or to enhance the image of the company? Do you pursue a local, national or regional reach?

The basis of a communication strategy is the initial diagnosis: knowing what to say, how to say it and whom to say it to.

The people who work at Coworc have a media background. Our DNA is intrinsically journalistic. Unlike other PR agencies, we work on a daily basis on the creation of graphic and audiovisual content. We believe that, if the content tells a story, half the work is done.

We are editors and we understand that the foundation of a good article is the approach, the point of view.

The media's agenda is the fuel of news. And we believe that, with a sense of opportunity, any of our clients can have a space on this week's front pages.

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